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Healthier, more natural-looking replacement fillings.

Dr. Koczarski can transform your smile with composite tooth-colored fillings. 

If you’re of a certain age, you may have had your cavities filled with black mercury. Not only are these fillings unsightly, they’re also unhealthy.

It’s a known fact that mercury is a highly toxic substance. Some scientific researchers claim that each time you bite down on mercury-based fillings, you may be releasing a small amount of mercury vapor into your mouth, and thus into your system. This “mercury mist” builds up in the body over the years, which can lead to a toxic reaction.

Dr. Koczarski can replace your old, worn mercury fillings with modern tooth-colored composite materials. Composite restorations are non-toxic and aesthetically pleasing, and can give the finished tooth twice the strength it had before the mercury filling was replaced.

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