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Modern porcelain and classic artistry give natural results.


Teeth may break or crack after years of chewing, or after an unfortunate accident. Often the damage can’t be fixed with a filling material, which is used primarily for cavities or smaller chips. But a porcelain crown, or cap, fortifies damaged teeth and returns them to years of full function.  Crowns can also be customized to significantly improve the appearance of your smile

Crowns are designed to match the look, feel, and bite of a natural tooth. With proper care, they’ll provide many years of comfortable chewing. Dr. Koczarski only uses the finest materials for these restorations, avoiding the dark shadow or gray line that characterizes older-style crowns. Better yet, the durability of modern porcelain mimics the strength of natural tooth structure closely.

As you can see in this photo, Dr. Koczarski’s craftsmanship results in a completely natural appearance. This type of crown is gentler to the gums than many older designs.  Healthy, natural, contemporary.


New technology eliminates the need for multiple appointments.

In addition to traditional crowns, Koczarski Family & Aesthetic Dentistry offers sophisticated CEREC® technology.  Precision-engineered crowns can be designed, manufactured, and placed in just one visit with CAD/CAM innovation.  This advancement saves you time and eliminates the need for a temporary crown. And CEREC® replaces messy impressions of your teeth with digital photos that create 3D computer models instead of plaster models.

CEREC® crowns milled by our in-office unit are made from the finest porcelain materials in modern dentistry. The natural result enables you to get back to your routine faster while enjoying an exceptional outcome. Whether you’re from the Woodinville or greater Seattle area, we look forward to serving you.

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