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Katie, Dental Hygienist

Katie is a dental hygienist.

For the past 8 years, Kirkland native Katie has been a member of Dr. Koczarski’s hygiene team, performing dental cleanings and periodontal treatments, restorative fillings, and educating patients on the importance of good oral self-care.

Dental education is her passion. “I really enjoy the moment when I see the light go on in a patient’s eyes,” she says. “This tells me they ‘get it,’ which is a great feeling for a hygienist.”

Before beginning her career in dentistry, Katie worked in public health as an assistant in a mobile children’s clinic. Now, she has her hands full with two daughters of her own, including a new baby born in the fall of 2012. Katie manages to juggle career and family life with the help of her husband Phillip, along with her mother and sister, who live on the same block.

When she’s not helping patients, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and catching a few zzz’s when she can. “I feel very sleep deprived,” says this new mom. “Sleep is what inspires me.”