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Daphne, Dental Assistant

Daphne is a dental assistant.

Daphne is one of the newer additions to our team, having joined Koczarski Aesthetic & Laser Dentistry in November 2010. But, she is also one of the most experienced. Daphne’s been working in the dental field for 30 years.

“I started working in a dental office while I was still in high school,” she says. “I knew even then that it was going to be my passion.”

Daphne assists Dr. Koczarski and Dr. McKay with patient care, helping make sure patients have the best experience possible. “I love working with people and helping them through any dental fears they may have,” says Daphne. She also enjoys working with the doctors and the equipment, remarking that “Technology has really raised the bar in dentistry. We have ways of diagnosing and treating people that were virtually unimaginable back in the 80s.”

Daphne has two daughters, Jami and Samantha, and a secret love of country music. So the next time you’re in for a visit and hear your dental assistant humming a Brad Paisley song, you’ll know it’s Daphne. If, of course, you recognize the song.